Welcome to the Wiltshire Beekeepers Association (WBKA)

The WBKA is a registered charity. It has four branches and is a member of the British Beekeepers Association.
It represents and organises events and education for beekeepers in Wiltshire. Registered Charity Number 1198735.

Wiltshire Bee & Honey Day on 8 October

Honey Bee Health Day on 3 September

Introduction to beekeeping

If you want to become a beekeeper, all four WBKA branches
will be running beginners courses this winter. Find out more here.

Jobs for the year

This guide is designed to give people new to beekeeping a rough understanding of what to do when. It starts at the beginning of the beekeeping year with the honey harvest. The aim is to ensure that each colony has a good start next spring by going into winter in the best possible condition. There are many variables, as each colony will be different and much depends on the weather. It helps to remain flexible and it is important to keep records of your inspections so that you can monitor progress.

End July/August

  • Harvest honey and return wet supers for cleaning, then remove and store dry supers and protect from wax moth.

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